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Regret or More?

She had a job that she thought was not her calling. She left it and joined another. Soon after, her peers in old company got promotion. To this day, she regrets it.  She found a man she loved. And like you and me, she fell out of love too. She chose to leave him, and fell in love again. This time she married the guy. Like life always does, it is showing its dark shades. She now regrets leaving that guy. But the story of regret goes long back.To have an active college life, she chose a college near her residence over one that was far. She regrets not moving out of house.  You must be thinking that this piece today is about regret. It is not, really. Lets talk about schooling a bit. So,you get promoted to the next class by appearing for an examination to prove that you have learnt the lessons taught in previous class. If you don't, you repeat the class until you learn the lessons.  Well, that is how nature works too. Nature has its way. Until you learn one lesso

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