Lost to Love

She was quieter than usual. She kept her bag, making a noise, louder than the usual, picked her diary, and left the room. 

She knew her portrayal had been strong that evening. For the very first time, stronger than usual and all the while she was with him, her mind told her that she was about to do the right thing. Right, as her experiences had taught her. 

They knew each other for some months now and they both knew that he had fallen for her. She had seen the proposal coming before he had made it. He fell for her and she did not. 

Today, she knew that their friendship was going to come to an end. She had told him about the other guy that her parents had chosen and who she was going to consider to go ahead. She wanted him to take the call to end 'whatever' they shared. He did too, partially, in agreement. She had never been strong enough to take this stronger stand. It killed her. But this time, she was determined. She wanted to do the right thing. The words long back said to her by someone, 'there is an easy thing and there is a right thing', kept coming to her, and so she acted! 
She asked him to disconnect. She knew that her future and his future was not going to be 'their' future and whenever she would decide to make a future with someone, he would be hurt. So, she took the call, for both of them. Obviously, she felt bad too for losing a friend, but to her, that was not the priority. 

She walked back with a heavy heart and her mind wondered at a distant possibility of imprinting(an involuntary response in which a shape-shifter finds his soul mate) , like in Twilight movie..and she smiled over the perfection of concept.

and while she walked under night sky, her heart skipped a beat, her knees felt weak and her eyes filled with tears as she looked at a text message that read, 


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